Wholesale Seafood Deliveries

Wholesale Seafood Distributor

At Craig Borges’ New Orleans Seafood Co., we deliver a full line of fresh and frozen seafoods to restaurants, hotels, and institutions throughout the Greater New Orleans Area daily; something our family has done since 1897. Each morning, beginning at 5 am, we process and package every order in house. Contact us for more information, or fill out the credit application to register your restaurant for special deals and new shipment updates.


At Craig Borges’ New Orleans Seafood Co., we also specialize in filleting, storing, and packing our seafood to get the most out of our fish and keep it fresher for longer. Many restaurants do not realize that how they are filleting and storing their seafood is costing them. Contact us to see if our consultations will help you save money.

Wholesale Seafood Distributor